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  • With this function You can view set rates, availabilities and minimum stay for selected websites in a selected period
  • Lets You contemporary update availabilities and rates on all selected websites in a selected period
  • Show all the reservations coming from selected websites
  • Lets You verify in real time competitors availability and rates on one of the most important online reservation website


The first screen shows You the search criteria that You can use to view availabilities:
  • select period
  • setup per day of week
  • select website
  • select rates (where it is possible)

The search result shows, for each day of the selected period, price and quantity and minimum stay for each room, for all selected website and rate.


This form lets you:
  • select the period to modify
  • setup per day of week
  • select websites and rates (where it is possible) to apply the change
  • change price, quantity and minimum stay for each room of all selected websites
If You select All Rates (where it is possible) changes will be automatically applied to ALL rates of the selected website.

This screen shows the status of the changes. For each website (and selected rates) there is a green icon if the operation has been successful, red icon if there has been an error (showed in the column notes of the table)
From this screen you can also view the changes for the selected websites in the selected period.


From this screen is possible to show reservations coming from selected websites. These are all reservations where the Check-in date is included in the selected period.


In this screen are showed, for each day of selected interval, room prices of the selected hotels. For each room type are underlined competitor’s rates on one of the most important online reservations website.

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